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We custom design and build all sizes of theatrical props,circus apparatus, special gimmicks and scenic structures. We can satisfy all aspects from concept to shipment.


*Ayala EFX works in partnership with costume designers and fabricators

to meet all aspects of your production needs.

Working on Magikaria Show sign
Magikaria Warrior / Vampire illusion
Universoul Circus Stage prop
Terry Fator's Puppet closet
Terry Fator and Ayala
Table of Death mechanism
House of Magic Macau Burned alive
Shooting Arrow Table
Skirt Bar
Skirt Bar harnes
Spartan Armor / Vampire illusion
Subtrunk designed by Ayala EFX
Scenic Fire Tanks
Scenery Structures
Houdini Trunk Scenic Paint
Michael Jackson Spiker Victory Tour
Rader's Table
Q Productions Computer Screens
Puppet Mechanism
Venetian Las Vegas Mechanical Puppet
McBride Raquet in Rock
Magikaria Warrior / Vampire illusion
Living Statues Table
Celebrity Cruises aluminum backpacks
Laurino's Table
Grace Jones Jewel Hat
Gordon Cube
Francois Sculpting Stand
Excalibur curtain Frame
Brick Wall
Jason Bird Manipulation Table
Barnes production box
Arkell Gramaphone
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